Module 5 – Time and Price
(Square Hi/Low, Price, Square of 4, Square of 9, Zero Date and Gann Emblem Calculators)

GATE Squares a Range between two Swings using Time and Price.

GATE checks the Dates calculated against Swings that have been made to see if the calculated dates successfully identified future Swings.
GATE provides a Zero Date Calculator to assist you to confirm your target date by checking against Swings already made in the market.

GATE provides a Calculator to calculate Dates based on the Gann Emblem for your selected Target Date

GATE calculates the Time of an exact Square and checks if   turns occur on a repeat of the cycles from the Birth of the Contract or a Date you choose (typically a strong top or bottom).

GATE creates the Square of 9 highlighting past Swings.

GATE creates the Square of 4 highlighting past Swings.
Both Square of 9 and Square of 4 show Time and Price in the same Square)

GATE creates Squares for selected Price or Dates – Square of 144, or 52. Each Square includes highlights of previous Swings.

Module 5 covers the following functionality:

  • Square a Hi or Low – Choice of using Calendar or Trading Days)
  • Square a Hi or Low - Select which Swings to include in the calculation
  • Square a Hi or Low - Work with multiple Swings
  • Square a Range - Select the time frame to use (Calendar Days or Trading Days)
  • Square a Range - Ability to work with individual or multiple pairs of Swings
  • Square a Range – Options to select the method of calculation – either with Gann Angle cross over or by using the Time or Price ranges between two swings.
  • Square a Range – Options to select whether the future dates are calculated as Trading Days or Calendar Days.
  • GATE checks the Zero Date against existing Swings
  • GATE calculates the time from your Zero date to past Swing Tops and Bottoms analysing repeating time ranges and further analysis
  • Square of 4 (Includes option to Show Time and Price in the same Square)
  • Produce the Squares of 4 and 9 using a date at the centre
  • GATE provides options to create virtually any square based on Price or a Date with past Swings highlighted within each square.