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Benner's Prophecies-2nd Edition 1879

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Second edition of Benner’s guide to speculation in hogs, corn and other commodities.  Farmer Samuel Benner found his finances obliterated by the 1873 panic and a hog cholera epidemic. Forced into retirement, Benner decided figure out what caused the economy to experience such drastic depressions, in the hopes that he would  be able to predict them. After careful study, he came up with this work, in which he published a number of charts which presented price cycles for various commodities including pig iron, cotton, corn, and hogs. Astonishingly, Benner’s predictions proved preternaturally accurate and E.R. Dewey, Director of the Foundation for the Study of Cycles, remarked that Benner’s pig iron price forecast was "the most notable forecast of prices in existence." For most of the 20th century, Benner successfully predicted the United States’ major downturns and crises. While Benner himself felt that his cycles were divinely inspired, of particular interest to market theorists and Elliot Wave followers is the relationship of Benner’s cycles to Fibonacci numbers and the Krondatieff cycle. The first edition was published in 1876.  A nice copy, some wear on the cover and slight tearing on the inside covers.

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