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Chart of the Month Club 2012-2013

Chart of the Month Club 2012-2013

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All twelve will be sent at once for orders after July 2013

These are W.D. Gann's own charts!

Six stocks and six commodities.

New orders will receive 12 charts all at once!

*The first three charts shipping September 2012 are:
  • December Corn - monthly - 1918-1930
  • Coca-Cola - monthly - 1919-1932
  • July Cocoa - monthly - 1925-1942
The second three charts shipping December 2012 are:
  • March Coffee Rio - monthly - 1930-1941
  • United Air - weekly - 1934-1940
  • December Wheat - weekly - 1926-1932
The third three charts shipping March 2013 are:
  • Monsanto - monthly - 1927-1940
  • March Cotton - weekly - 1925-1928
  • General Motors - weekly - 1943-1946
The fourth and final set of three charts shipping July 2013 are:
  • Mexican Pete - weekly - 1917-1920
  • March Sugar - weekly - 1924-1932
  • Auburn Motors - monthly - 1925-1940

These are full size working charts, that will allow you to see how W.D. Gann traded from the monthly and weekly charts.

They will allow you to study the importance of Gann angles and show you how to transfer the same angles to modern markets.  You will see time counts, time squares,  and zero angles on these charts.   

The charts we offer you will mostly be currently traded markets, such as Monsanto, Coca-Cola, General Motors, etc., so you will be able to find current patterns that look very similar to the patterns on these charts.

You will be able to put these charts on your desk and study them very carefully-you will not have to squint into your computer.
They will also be a beautiful addition to the walls of your home or office.

This chart package is meant to inspire, teach, and share with you the work of W.D. Gann.