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Gann Philosophy

Gann Philosophy

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3 Books

*Tunnel Through The Air
Mr. Gann wrote this book in 1927, yet his predictions were uncannily accurate. He described the events leading up to World War II with stunning accuracy. He predicted many of the events which happend during World War II with amazing parallels to the real thing. Many events, inventions, market panics and booms mentioned in this book actually came true. Mr. Gann has said he has hidden some of his greatest trading secrets within this book.
*Face Facts America
Once again predictions are foretold and the haunting words"I FORSAW WHAT WOULD HAPPEN AND IT HAS COME TRUE" jump from the page. This is an understatement describing this small but powerful book. Mr. Gann writes facts as he saw them.There is always hope in bad situations,always a remedy for the troubles.
*The Magic Word
This book, written in 1950, was the last un-revised book W.D.Gann wrote. His objective in writing The Magic Word was to show others the way to use and obey Gods divine law and thus help them to bring out their latent talents and their God-given powers, for that is the only way they can realize health, happiness, and prosperity.

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