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Ganntrader 3.1

Ganntrader 3.1

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A word from Peter Pich,
When I began studying W D Gann's methods back in 1979 I wanted a faster way to create Gann style charts.    I wrote Ganntrader 1 for my own use on an old Apple computer. Later I founded The Gannsoft Publishing Company to make the program available to others. Ganntrader is the only complete Gann program available. Other programs may include so called "Gann Angles" but they are often incorrectly drawn. The major Gann methods that you must learn are the geometric angles, division of the range, 7 times the base, squares of the high, low and range and the natural squares of 52, 90, 120, 144 and 360. Also, the study of the planet time cycles and aspects are an important part of Gann's work and should not be overlooked. All of these capabilities and more are built into Ganntrader.

I have tried to include every aspect of Gann's methods that I have discovered with the four major updates to Ganntrader and the all new Ganntrader 3.1.   I have intentionally not included Elliot Wave, Golden Triangles, Numerology, and other technical analysis techniques. You can be assured that the software is pure unadulterated Gann.  My collection of Gann's material includes everything that has been published as well as some unpublished materials. If I can't find the method in Gann's own words I don't put it in the software. Gann's methods are classic and need no improvements. What Gann's methods do need is some computerization to make them easier to learn and easier to use in your trading. The program was designed to allow you an easy way to test and verify each of Gann's techniques that he describes in his books. The master's techniques will never become part of your trading methods until you practice them and see for yourself how well they work. Ganntrader makes that task easy!"

Billy Jones worked with Peter Pich in building Ganntrader. Billy shared W.D.Gann's material from the vault to make this the best pure Gann software in the market.

It is still the best "Pure Gann" software on the market even after almost 30 years.

First of all-Ganntrader's faults- It will not run on newer computers without some work, but it works on an XP operating system beautifully.

This program will blow your mind with its ease of use, speed, and overall beauty of simplicity.

Below are some of Ganntrader's functionalities:

  • Swings and Main Trend Indicator
  • Mirror Image Foldbacks
  • Zero Angles
  • Time and Price Displays
  • Squares of High, Low and Range
  • Main Trend and/or Swing Angles
  • Single Key for Natural Squares
  • User defined Angle Origins
  • Live 1x1 Angle Setting
  • True Trend Lines
  • 1x1 angles correctly drawn regardless of scale or grid spacing
  • Square of 9
  • Heliocentric and Geocentric Time cycles
  • Time by Degrees
  • Latitude and Declination
  • Average Time Cycles, MOF, CE, user.
  • Intra-day data compatible
  • High resolution chart printouts 
  • Custom Chart Paper Creation
  • 135 Page full color manual, which is a Gann course in itself.

This is a very capable program that does require specific computers and printers, but it remains the best Gann program available.

For more information on Ganntrader visit GannSoft here.

 Ganntrader 3.1 System Requirements:

  • Any PC with at least 8 meg ram, VGA or Super VGA graphics
  • DOS or DOS window in Windows 95/98, ME, NT 4.0, 2000, XP
  • Epson or HP compatible printer. Epson Stylus Color 1520 or Stylus Color 3000 continuous form printers recommended. HP laser and inkjet printers supported, color and monochrome. HP CP1700 recommended.
  • A source of CSI, CSI Unfair Advantage or MetaStock data
  • Ganntrader works great on an XP computer, or can be used through Dosbox on newer pc's.


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