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Original Stock Market Trading Course

Original Stock Market Trading Course

$ 1,295.00
New, updated version available soon in 2020! For a lower price too!
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This is an extensive study course not only for the Gann enthusiast but also for the serious trader and investor. These courses were written when times & stocks “were a boom”. Eleven chapters of valuable information Mr. Gann lived and traded by.
The Stock Market Course includes many colored charts, examples of Mr. Gann’s actual trades.
The course comes to you in two sections:

1. A three ring binder that includes all the written materials.
2. A second package includes 7 large black & white historical charts, overlays for your charts. A large Dow chart of 1929 also a 100 year Dow Chart. June Gold for a stock weekly & monthly, charting paper & large Square of Nine.

W. D. Gann's Stock Trading Course can teach you a number of different trading techniques and skills, such as charting, chart interpretation, how do find natural resistance levels, forecasting trend changes, using Gann Lines (or Gann Angles), seasonal changes for stocks, how to decipher time cycles, the relationship between time and price, squaring price and time, how to use gann squares & gann calculators and more.  This is an extensive course for the Gann trader as well as the investor.

Included in the course are genuine W.D. Gann overlays, many chart studies, and blank chart paper.  Everything you will need to learn the Gann methods, refine your techniques, and ready yourself for the turbulent decade ahead.

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