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Collected Fruits Of Occult Teaching

Collected Fruits Of Occult Teaching

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1919 This internationally known occult author gives much information on the Elder Brothers in this volume. Contents: This World’s Place in the Universe; Future Life and Lives (Reincarnation); Religion Under Repair; The Occultism in Tennyson’s Poetry; Creeds More or Less Credible; Imprisoned in the Five Senses; Our Visits to This World; The Masters and Their Methods of Instruction; Expanded Theosophical Knowledge (Nature of Consciousness, Planetary Chain, Astral World, Infinite Future); The Pyramids and Stonehenge; Theosophical Teachings Liable to Be Misunderstood; The Super-Physical Laws of Nature; The Higher Occultism; The Objects of the Theosophical Society; The borderland of Science; Astronomy; Overt and Occult; Meta-Science; Archaeology (Relics Of Antiquity); Cataclysms and Earthquakes; Poetry & Theosophy.

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