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W.D.Gann Inc/Lambert Gann News

The Truth about the "Gann Symbol"

gann symbol Lambert Gann Logo

The simple truth to the enigma of the "Gann Symbol", is that there is no such thing as the Gann Symbol... This set of shapes was pulled out of a multitude of Gann's charts and writings and put together to form the logo of the Lambert Gann Publishing Company in the early 1970's by Billy Jones. Why did he do this?  The number one reason is because it is a very nice logo, wouldn't you agree?  It has been "borrowed" by many other companies, sometimes twisted around a bit, or colored differently, but it still means "The Lambert Gann Publishing...

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Supply and Demand Letter FAQ's

Frequently asked questions    If I switch from the trial to the full-year subscription, will I get credit for the trial price?  Yes, you get the full $81 credit. Why aren't my favorite markets written about?  A tough one, as everyone in different parts of the world, watch different markets.  Jon definitely writes about the markets that have greater potential to make money-and these change from day to day.  The goal is for you to use this system in any market. Will older issues be available for new subscribers?  Yes, we are working on the pricing structure now-and they will...

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Introducing the Supply and Demand Letter

    Our June 6th, 2017 launch of the Supply and Demand Letter coincided with W.D. Gann's birthday and near the centennial of his original Supply and Demand Letter! The goal of the newsletter is to get You to trade successfully on a day to day basis, using an updated version of W.D.Gann's Mechanical method.  Our author, Jon Kirk, has been working with us here for nearly a decade.  He has complete access to the Gann archives.  He is also a daily trader with an exceptional record trading this very system. The newsletter began over one year prior as introductory...

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