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Introducing the Supply and Demand Letter



Our June 6th, 2017 launch of the Supply and Demand Letter coincided with W.D. Gann's birthday and near the centennial of his original Supply and Demand Letter!

The goal of the newsletter is to get You to trade successfully on a day to day basis, using an updated version of W.D.Gann's Mechanical method.  Our author, Jon Kirk, has been working with us here for nearly a decade.  He has complete access to the Gann archives.  He is also a daily trader with an exceptional record trading this very system.

The newsletter began over one year prior as introductory lessons for a seminar Jon and Tim Walker hosted in Thailand.  The newsletter continued after the workshop due to demand, and we have rebranded it the W.D.Gann Supply and Demand Letter!

The content of this little newsletter is astounding - showing step by step trades from the prior week-written in real time.  Multitudes of charts highlighting Jon's system will show you exactly how and why Gann traded like this.  Wages!  This system allowed him to trade in a low risk-high reward process-giving him the time and money to pursue his other studies.  

Jon writes in a very straight forward way, that is refreshing in the trading world where much of what is written is sometimes over technical.  Advanced techniques are written about as well, such as timing, moon cycles, etc.  Jon has studied loads of material from all over the world, and is generous enough to share this knowledge with some of you.  

We are offering an $81 two week trial and a full year of weekly newsletters for $810.


Here are some of the comments from new subscribers:

"I have never experienced so many 'aha' or 'light bulb' moments as I do when Jon delivers content on how to successfully trade the markets. 
His unique teaching style keeps me engaged for hours on end and his generosity with regards to the information he openly shares with his students is truly inspirational. "

"Jon really "hit it out of the park" with this last newsletter ... some of it, I'm sure, because he was directly responding to my questions. Jon's comments about what he trades and indexes were quite quite interesting and thought provoking. Specifically on page 3 (#26) where he talks about everything having a "vibration" I look forward to learning from Jon and the Newsletter, and I agree that I think you and Jon are going to "step up Gann" a notch or two here. I'm enthused about your work!!"

 This may be the best newsletter out there to learn true Gann methods from the bottom up.

 Enjoy the Supply and Demand Letter and please give us your feedback on the newsletter!

Cody Jones


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