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Supply and Demand Letter FAQ's

Frequently asked questions


  1.  If I switch from the trial to the full-year subscription, will I get credit for the trial price?  Yes, you get the full $81 credit.
  2. Why aren't my favorite markets written about?  A tough one, as everyone in different parts of the world, watch different markets.  Jon definitely writes about the markets that have greater potential to make money-and these change from day to day.  The goal is for you to use this system in any market.
  3. Will older issues be available for new subscribers?  Yes, we are working on the pricing structure now-and they will be soon.
  4. Will the issues Jon wrote before you began selling them be available?  Yes, we will be compiling these into book form in the near future.
  5. What questions do you have?  Write them to me at cody@wdgann.com

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