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The Truth about the "Gann Symbol"

gann symbol Lambert Gann Logo

The simple truth to the enigma of the "Gann Symbol", is that there is no such thing as the Gann Symbol...

This set of shapes was pulled out of a multitude of Gann's charts and writings and put together to form the logo of the Lambert Gann Publishing Company in the early 1970's by Billy Jones.

Why did he do this?  The number one reason is because it is a very nice logo, wouldn't you agree?  It has been "borrowed" by many other companies, sometimes twisted around a bit, or colored differently, but it still means "The Lambert Gann Publishing Company".  An upside down swoosh still means Nike, am I right?

 Another reason is that W.D.Gann spoke often of these shapes,"We use three figures in geometry: the circle, the square and the triangle.  We get the square and triangle points of a circle to determine points of time, price and space resistance; we use the circle of 360 degrees to measure time and price." The basis of my forecasting method for grains, W.D.Gann.

Also, many of Gann's charts have these figures in the background.

So Billy began to add this logo to all of Gann's books, courses, and even correspondence.  It was on all of our stationary, buttons at seminars, coffee mugs, etc. Some of you older guys may have one of these relics!

So, remember when you see this symbol, it means the Lambert Gann Publishing Company.  Still located at the same address in Pomeroy, WA, still putting out W.D.Gann's original work.  The original source for W.D.Gann's work for over 45 years.


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