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1948 Annual Grain Forecast by W.D. Gann

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One of W.D. Gann's creations later in his life was the Supply and Demand Letter and annual forecasts written by his company - W.D. Gann Research, Inc.

This is the Annual Forecast for 1948 for Grains. 

W.D. Gann was the president of this company and worked with a group of advisors to build yearly forecasts clients could purchase for the coming year.  This particular forecast was printed and distributed in October of 1947. 

Time cycles, weather cycles, the Master Time Factor, and current events were all taken into account for these forecasts.  Yearly curves are projected for Wheat, Corn, and Oats within the forecast.  2 possible curves are given, for differing forecasts. 

Resistance levels and trend change dates are given for any of the commodities of the time.

This 18 page forecast, with the 1948 August Supplement, and a bonus unpublished Corn chart drawn by W.D. Gann (so you can check the forecasts) are all included with this digital package.

No shipping costs as this will be delivered to your email address for download immediately as a pdf.

18 pages

ISBN 978-1-7335412-7-5



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