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Introducing Andrew Pancholi and W.D. Gann's Lost Coffee Course

Ladies and Gentlemen,

All the way back in October and November of 2008, I was over in Washington state with the Jones family and my dear friend Nikki - custodian of the work of W.D. Gann.

It was one of many visits since the early 1990’s that I've made to the farm where the Gann collection is housed.

Nikki Jones and myself developed a great friendship with many common interests and became mutual friends over this time period, and I have come to know Cody really well.

It was during this particular visit that we decided to go through the archives of the Gann collection.  With time on our hands, we were able to engage in some in-depth cataloging of the materials. It also became evident that there was much unseen material that has never actually been opened since the Jones family had bought the collection from Ed Lambert, the one-time partner of W.D. Gann.  This coffee course had caught my attention particularly..

Over the years and also since the very sad passing of Nikki, the collection has deteriorated in condition. Let's face it, some of these papers are over 100 years old.

It was last autumn that Cody and I decided that some of the unpublished material should be made available to the devout supporters of Gann's work.

Funding of this project would also help to preserve the materials – this critical task that is absolutely necessary.

I have always maintained the secrecy and confidentiality that was entrusted to me during the course of this and other visits. Suffice to say, I can assure you there is so much quality material that has not been made available to anyone.

Over the last several months, I've been working very closely with Cody to bring you a very exciting unseen course by the master himself, W.D. Gann.

On studying the coffee course, I was astounded to see the degree of intricacy that Gann put into the writings.  It unveils a particular cycle that is critical for this year albeit in another market area.

This information will potentially bring returns several times greater than the cost of the course.

Gann goes into exceptional detail about the cycles that are prevalent in the coffee market, which of course apply to other commodities as well.

There are many reasons why I have written the supporting notes within this course.  As I've already mentioned, the preservation of this material is top of the list.  I hope the additional notes will fast track your studies of this material.

Also, I fully need to recognize the role that Nikki and her husband Billy have played in preserving this material. Without their foresight in the acquisition of the collection from Ed Lambert, none of this would be available to any of us.

There are some real gems within the collection and I believe Cody and the family will be open to releasing more of them in due course.

From this coffee course alone you'll be able to predict all the major moves in the coffee arena.  The rules from this course apply to all other commodities as well, in addition to the stock market.

Very few people know this, but what little historic data that existed on trading in coffee was destroyed in the attack on the World Trade Centre back in 2001 where it had allegedly been stored.

Thus, the content of this course is priceless.  The master himself kept meticulous records and all the key coffee dates and prices are listed in this course.

Such information is not available anywhere else. This is a golden opportunity.

To help you on your way I've worked out future cycles within the coffee market for you. Whilst I have attempted to highlight the points that I have managed to decipher from the course, there will undoubtedly be many more cryptically hidden. Gann was a master at doing that.

For those of you that have already purchased it, on behalf of Cody, the Jones family and myself – a massive thank you.

You are in for a treat!

For those of you who have not yet purchased this very limited edition run – only 100 copies - there are still a few copies left and I urge you to act quickly to secure 1 of them.

This is a very rare opportunity for you to own a copy of this previously unseen detailed course, and at the same time help preserve the archives of the work of Gann.

I know that Billy and Nikki would really appreciate your support. Neither are sadly with us.

Thank you again, and both Cody and I look forward to having you on board.


Kind regards,

Andrew Pancholi


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