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 This agreement is made by and between Lambert-Gann Publishing Co., WordJones LLC, Cody Jones and Purchasers of any products including charts and courses from the Lambert Gann vaults. 

And is effective as of the 1stday of January, 2018.

Lambert-Gann Publishing Co. has provided information in the form of original writings, charts, notes, and multimedia digital images.  All of these are property of Lambert Gann Publishing and are considered highly confidential and proprietary.  This material named the “Lost Coffee Courses of W.D. Gann” are not to be shared by any means digitally or in print.  This includes group share websites, reprinting in other languages, or reprinting in any form.  No part of this course can be used or used in teaching materials or lessons without written permission from Lambert-Gann Publishing

If you are found to be sharing this information, “The Lost Coffee Courses of W.D. Gann”, you will be held liable for the course price times the amount of shared copies discovered.