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Book and thumb drive for Natural Squares Calculator

Book and thumb drive for Natural Squares Calculator

$ 99.00

SOLD WITH OUT CD - The video now comes on a thumb drive as more and more computers do not accept nor read cd-roms.  

Please note that this is for customers who have lost your book but already own the wheel, or those who are building their own wheel.  

You will get:

1. Manual

2. Thumb drive with training video

The ‘Square of Nine’ has been talked about as one of W. D. Gann’s most important trading tools. There is no doubt that he used it extensively. This powerful calculator was not used as an overlay on his charts. Rather, it was a stand-alone calculator used in conjunction with his charts.

Lambert-Gann Educators, Inc created the ‘Natural Squares Calculator™’ as the first product in the exciting ‘Pathway to Profit©’ educational series. The ‘Calculator’ was designed to bring to the public a tool that teaches the basic principles that Mr. Gann used in trading with the ‘Square of Nine’.

One of the most important discoveries made by Lambert-Gann Educators Inc. in the Lambert-Gann Publishing Co. archives is a ‘Square of Nine’ with a date ring on top revolving around a center pin. This revolving ring allowed the date to be moved over the top of the price of a major top or bottom.

Without a movable date ring, a ‘Square of Nine’ calculator cannot be synchronized with current market vibration.

This visual synchronization clearly demonstrates how accurate this tool can be. It also shows that learning the basics of using a ‘Square of Nine’ in this manner is not difficult.

Now you can benefit from the Natural Squares Calculator™ and the highly acclaimed educational package that comes with the ‘Calculator’. You will be shown certain methods that enabled Mr. Gann to calculate the very top or bottom of a price move, and to do so over and over again. You will also be shown how market movements are many times almost exactly synchronized with the natural squares.

The Natural Squares Calculator™ can be applied to any time frame. The use of natural circular times in conjunction with price movements between natural squares is uncanny in pinpointing changes in trend. Whether you are a novice or an experienced trader, the knowledge gained by understanding and using the Natural Squares Calculator™ will prove well worth the time and effort spent learning its use.

The Natural Squares Calculator™ consists of the ‘Natural Squares’ chart imprinted on a heavy piece of Lexan measuring approximately 19 inches by 19 inches (47.5cm X 47.5cm). Mounted on this base are three clear heavy plastic revolving disks, each containing a different set of tools. Finally, the Trend Director Arm is a narrow plastic strip mounted on top.

These are:

1: Bull and Bear Date Ring
This ring divides the 365 calendar days of the year into 360 degrees.

2: Square of the Circle Ring
This ring has the degree rings on it that calculate exactly the important 90 degree divisions of the year even though the four quarters of the year are not identical in numbers of days.

3: Dual Triangular Indicator Ring
This ring divides the 252 trading days of the year into 360 degrees and also divides the 360 degrees into 60 and 120 degrees, thus creating overlapping triangles.

4: Trend Director Arm
The Trend director arm is the important link that ties together the other rings and the ëNatural Squaresí chart.

The ‘Natural Squares Calculator™’ comes with a comprehensive, 90-page in-depth training manual. This manual explains clearly what the ‘Calculator’ is and how each component is used. It also takes you through several different ways of using the Calculator, giving you numerous examples and charts to study.

Table of Contents of the Manual:

About Lambert-Gann Educators, Inc.
A Word From Nikki Jones Foreword
Preface and Acknowledgements
Chapter One: Introduction
Chapter Two: Components of the Natural Squares Calculator
Chapter Three: Gann Theory and the Natural Squares Calculator
Chapter Four: Price Vibration on the Natural Squares Chart
Chapter Five: Time Vibrations and Circular Time
Chapter Six: Harmony - Price and Time Synergy Conclusion
Test Your Understanding
Appendix A: The Ticker and Investment Digest
Appendix B: Price Vibration Charts and Descriptions
Appendix C: Time Vibration Charts and Descriptions
Appendix D: Harmony Charts and Articles
Appendix E: Natural Squares Charts

Table of Contents of the Thumb drive:

Square of Nine
Price Vibration
Time Vibration

It will take time and study to understand and use this tool properly. This is the case with anything worthwhile, including most of Mr. Gann's trading tools and techniques.

Once you have a basic understanding of the methodologies shown, you must then test it on back data to prove to yourself how well the Natural Squares Calculator™ works and to give you confidence to use it in your trading. Once you have a level of confidence in its abilities to project turning points and support and resistance levels, you should then apply it to your trading plan.

Although it is not necessary to have a previous knowledge or understanding of Mr. Gann's trading techniques to use the Natural Squares Calculator™ , understanding the various uses of this trading tool will take more time without this knowledge.

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