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Charts for Profits In The Stock Market-- H.M. Gartley

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**This product is just for the digital chart set for the Gartley book-instantly sent upon purchase.**No Book 

Available again!  This is a new 2019 Hardcover printing. 

This 446 page large book is a true masterpiece! It comes with it's own set of digital charts.  You will get the charts immediately!

Actually more of a course in chart reading and stock trading, it comes with nearly 40 historical charts to refer to. We believe that Mr. Gartley and Mr. Gann may have known each other and although the chart reading and interpretation techniques within this book are different than what Mr. Gann teaches, there are moments of similarity that may help unlock some of Mr. Gann's teachings. Still, this book stands on it's own as one of the greatest chart reading and interpreting masterpieces of all time. Techniques taught can be applied to commodities.Due to the size of this book, including the large package of charts that come with it, this book should really be considered a course on chart reading.

Before being republished in 1981, copies of this 1935 classic were selling for $1800. Now the same text and the digital package of accompanying charts are available again. In fact, the chart package alone is worth many times the cost of the book. This is one of the classic books written on the art of chart reading, chart interpretation and stock trading.

The fundamentals Mr. Gartley explains are as valid today as when they were formulated. Plus, the techniques taught can be applied to commodities trading, with some slight modification. Put the tested logic of this highly successful trader and this highly acclaimed book to work for you. A book/course that will compliment Mr. Gann's teachings.

Some subjects covered are:

The Technical Approach
Charts - The Averages
A Chart Portfolio
Long Term and Major Trends
The Intermediate Trend
The Minor Trend
Tenets of the Dow Theory
Trend Lines
Moving Averages
and much more. The Chart package includes over 40 large charts to follow and study. These charts will be delivered digitally immediately after you purchase the book.  Watch for an email with the chart package.  Truly a remarkable find for the serious trader.

This is not the 1981 hardcover with dust jacket that has become somewhat of a collectors item, this is a newly printed hardcover- printed in 2019 by Lambert-Gann Publishing-the same publishers of the 1981 edition.