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Glorious Resurrection by Hilton Hotema

Glorious Resurrection by Hilton Hotema

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1960 Professor Hotema explores and explains symbolism and its relation to ancient science, the universal fable of our numerous crucified saviors; the mysterious resurrection of Christ and its true meaning. By understanding ancient terminology, we can correctly interpret the true meaning of the biblical stories, for Hotema understood that the New Testament was a parable and one must comprehend the ancient knowledge, in order to interpret the parable. Chapter Headings: Symbolism; Ancient Science; Crucified Saviors; Great Mother of the Gods; Mysterious Resurrection; Birth of Gods; Light; Two Bodies in One; Ancient Terminology; Mystic Sleep; Life Cycle; Swindle of Mythography; Unknown Joy of Death; The Future Life; Reincarnation; The Universal Fable.


by: Hotema, Hilton
ISBN: 0-7873-0434-4
format: Paperback 
pages: 106

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