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The Market Timing Report Trading Course by Andrew Pancholi

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The Market Timing Course is available through Andrew Pancholi here. Click Here for more info.

Andrew Pancholi, co-author of our newest course "The Lost Coffee Courses of W.D. Gann" has built a course to go along with his work.  Here is a bit more about it:

"The course is designed for every level of trader from absolute novice to professional fund manager. In fact, you will learn the exact techniques that a particular fund is using very successfully.

We had always maintained that you needed to have your own trading system. We realised that several of you do not.

So, we have created a course based on our very own trading system – the same system that we use for our fund – and we are now making this available to all of you.

You will know how to forecast potential price targets. Additionally, you will also learn a technique that highlights potential final highs or lows prior to major reversals coming in.

 When this occurs together with a time cycle, you get a very high probability setup either to exit the trade you are already in or to potentially start looking for an entry point on the reversal.

When the time cycle is in play, we are able to not only seek exit positions close to potential highs or lows, we can also seek and execute very low risk high reward trades. This enables you to cash in profits before swings are taken out. If you are a portfolio manager, you can hedge positions a lot more effectively.

Learn more about the Market Timing Report Trading Course and Purchase it here.

Andrew has given clients from the Lambert-Gann group a special price on his new course.


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