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2020 - 12 Days of W.D. Gann Christmas Charts Set # 1

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Happy Holidays from us at Lambert-Gann!  

Here is a great way to begin or add to your Gann collection!

12 original, unpublished charts from W.D. Gann's own hand.

These will be delivered digitally instantly.

All of these charts will be sent digitally, so there will be no shipping costs!!!  Each will have a watermark, but you will be able to see all of the data, angles, and study them right from your computer!

What charts will you receive?  


Day 1. Coca Cola Weekly 1929-1931.  See how W.D. traded this stock after the great crash.  There are some unusual angles in this particular chart.

Day 2. Corn Produce Overnight Swing Chart 1922-1923.  

Day3.  Dupont Weekly 1931-1934.  A LOT going on in this chart. 

Day4.   December Wheat Monthly 1921-1933

Day 5.  July Corn Weekly 1929-1932

Day 6.  Atlantic Coast Line Railroad

Day 7.  Eggs Cold Storage Holdings

Day 8.  National Distillers

Day 9. New Haven

Day 10. October Soy Beans

Day 11. March Onions Daily

Day 12  Chrysler 3-dimensional full run chart!


  Each will be chosen to show you different techniques W.D. Gann used over the years.  There will be Commodity charts, plus some other rarities.

The images shown are just snippets of each chart. You will see the full chart.

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