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W.D. Gann's Lottery Binder - Original, unstudied, work

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This is the original, one of a kind, lottery binder of W.D. Gann.  He worked in this binder from 1909-1949, while keeping it to himself.  Multiple lotteries were won during this time as stated within the pages of his Ephemeri.

These 140 pages contain no instructions-they are his charts, data, notes, and predictive methods for winning the lottery of his era.  The lotteries were a bit different then, but the same work could be used in the present.

While the Cuban Lottery, which Gann's research is on, is different from our present lotteries, he researched winning methods for 40 years which could be applied to current games. 

This could be your lifetime research, a basis for publishing books and courses, or go into your private collection as one of the rarest pieces from W.D. Gann.

This material has not been studied by anyone, only glanced at by members of our inner circle and a few lucky enough to see it at past seminars.  This is not our area of study, which is why we are letting it go to someone who will find its secrets. 

Email info@wdgann.com - Serious inquiries only.

140+ pages

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