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2023- 12 Days of W.D. Gann Christmas Charts - set #4

$ 180.00 $ 250.00

Happy Holidays from us at Lambert-Gann!  

This is the fourth set of 12 Holiday charts!  You cannot beat 12 charts for $12 apiece-check out our last 3 sets as well!

Here is the one you have been waiting for-even more unpublished work from W.D. Gann-and this year it will contain some of his Astro work!

Many of you have been asking for some new puzzles to work on from W.D. Gann, and this set will deliver starting with the first day!  What was W.D. working out with chart number 1?

You will get your first chart immediately, then 11 more charts delivered every few days beginning December 5, 2023.

Here is a great way to begin or add to your Gann collection!

12 original, unpublished charts from W.D. Gann's own hand.

These will be delivered digitally instantly.

All of these charts will be sent digitally, so there will be no shipping costs!!!  Each will have a watermark, but you will be able to see all of the data, angles, and study them right from your computer!

What charts will you receive?  


Day 1 - 30 x 30 Astro square

Day 2 - 1925 May Rye Helio

Day 3 - July Corn 3 day 1947-1950

Day 4 - May Rye weekly 1941-1943

Day 5 -Union Oil monthly 1925-1936

Day 6 - Union Pacific weekly

Day 7 - May Corn weekly 1935-1938

Day 8 - May Corn monthly 1912-1924

Day 9 - Cuba Lottery 1st Place 1946 - 1949

Day 10 - 20 Industrials

Day 11- NY Herald Tribune 100 Stocks Average

Day 12 - W.D. Gann Political Birth Study

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