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3 chart new website special-LIMITED EDITION

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To kick off our new website, we are offering an amazing 3 chart set.  Only 100 sets have been made-all will be numbered and the lowest numbers go the earliest buyers. All sets will have matching numbers.


1. 30 Indices - Obviously a well used chart by Gann, this chart comes from W.D.'s "Home Trunk".  A small 10x11 inch chart  containing quarterly data from 1929 through 1946.  You can see a piece of chart paper was added(glued) onto the paper as he kept adding data past 1938.  The chart contains Gann Angles and some lightly scrawled notes for you to decipher. Sets of dates for positive and negative swings on the top and bottom of the chart are shown.  Are you using this technique in your trading?

2. Noranda Mines - A little chart (20x16 inches) with a lot going on.  This chart is from Gann's stock binders.  It is a monthly chart that includes yearly data on the far right.  Gann angles, zero angles, and counts are all over the chart.  Check out how the angles show very useful resistance points and entry/exit triggers.  A great chart for anyone trading in metals.

3.  Time by Degrees chart - One of W.D.'s useful doodles measuring 12x24 inches.  The curved line shows the declination of the sun against the dates of the year. The key point about the declination of the Sun as shown in this chart is that it runs in 2 parts - North declination up to June 21st and then South declination to Dec 23rd.  Gann made visual representations for himself not only to be able to see the outcome, but learn it as well.  Using multiple senses, the inquisitive mind, the use of a number of colors for visual acuity, and putting the pen to paper for touch each add another level of learning to your studies.  Why would Gann make this chart?  It is not showing the movements of any particular stock or commodity.  A beautiful chart to take your thinking about trading deeper...

 All charts are printed on frame quality heavy paper.  

Note that watermarks will not be on the charts you receive. No more sets of this chart package will ever be created after the 100 sets are sold

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