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The OD Force by Baron Von Reichenbach

The OD Force by Baron Von Reichenbach

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Letters on a newly discovered power in nature.


What is the vital energy that permeates all living things?  Beyond the discovery of the atom, subatomic particles, and nuclear fission, scientists have yet to unravel the mystery behind our life force.  Perhaps they are pulling at the wrong thread.

Von Reichenbach purported that his Odic Force had a positive and negative flux, and a light and dark side and that it had other uses, that for example it could be stored in crystals as "crystalod" Again, we come across a form of energy that goes largely unacknowledged by science.  Do they deem it too dangerous?  Are they ignoring it?  

ISBN 0-7873-0912-5

Paperback 144 pages

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