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NEW! Original Stock Market Trading Course

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Both the Stock and Commodity Courses are being rebuilt into beautiful book form, getting rid of the 3 ring binder style.  You can purchase them separately for $475 during the pre sale, or both together for $895.  

Gann sold these courses for over $5000, we used to sell this course for $1295, now it is loaded with more material, plus you get to see his exact work in full color.

Coffee Course owners get an even better discount, call or email me if you are a Coffee Course owner, or would like to purchase all three courses together.


A new, full-color, exact scan and printing of the complete set of Stock Courses written by W.D. Gann.  These will be presented in the order that W.D. Gann wrote them, so you will see how his methods changed - and stayed the same.

This course comes from the Gann archives at Lambert Gann Publishing.

This is a 400-page, softcover edition containing Gann's most popular courses, plus lots of unpublished material as well!  All charts, many added will arrive digitally via email, allowing you to quickly access and explore the series.

This is an extensive study course not only for the Gann enthusiast but also for the serious trader and investor. These courses were written when times & stocks “were a boom”. Eleven chapters of valuable information Mr. Gann lived and traded by.
The Stock Market Course includes many colored charts, examples of Mr. Gann’s actual trades.

This course contains the following topics:

  1. The Basis of My Forecasting Method
  2. Forecasting
  3. Resistance with a bonus!
  4. Natural Resistance Levels and Time Cycle Points
  5. Method for Trading the Overnight Chart
  6. Form Reading 
  7. Dow Jones Data
  8. Review of the Bull and Bear Markets
  9. Forecasting by Time Cycles
  10. Volume of Sales
  11. Dow Jones Industrial Average Data
  12. Time Periods and Seasonality
  13. Speculation a Profitable Profession
  14. How to Determine Price Resistance Levels
  15. How to Make Profits Trading in Puts and Calls

Plus, unpublished pieces sprinkled throughout including:

US Steel Resistance Card!, Gann's 20 Trading Questions, Gann's Math Forms, and Master Charting Techniques.

Over 50 Charts will come to you digitally via email.  New scans of the old charts will get you seeing every detail of W.D. Gann's work.  

You will be able to get close and personal with the data held in these charts, while not cluttering your office with 100's of rolled charts.  Simply pull them up on your computer as needed, or print some out as well.

W. D. Gann's Stock Trading Course can teach you a number of different trading techniques and skills, such as charting, chart interpretation, how do find natural resistance levels, forecasting trend changes, using Gann Lines (or Gann Angles), seasonal changes for stocks, how to decipher time cycles, the relationship between time and price, squaring price and time, how to use gann squares & gann calculators and more.  This is an extensive course for the Gann trader as well as the investor.

Everything you will need to learn the Gann methods, refine your techniques, and learn to forecast and trade like the master.

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