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Science Of Foreknowledge: The Radex System, The

Science Of Foreknowledge: The Radex System, The

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1918 With diagrams and maps. Being a compendium of astrological research, philosophy, & practice, in the East and West. Contains material now inaccessible to the student, and the Radex System method of directing for future events & tendencies as used by the author & hitherto unpublished. Contents: Science of Foreknowledge; R. A. Practor on Astrology; Astrology in Shakespeare; Great Year; Celestial Dynamics; Neptune; New Satellite Lilith; A Third Earth-Moon; Authority; Horoscope of Rama; Astrology of the Hebrews; Star of Bethlehem; Joan of Arc; Measure of Life; Astrological Practice; Radix System; Horoscopical Anomalies; Studies in Brief; Our Solar System; Financial Astrology; Appendix.

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