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Son Of Perfection #1 & #2

Son Of Perfection #1 & #2

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We have combined part 1 & 2 into a single book.

Part 1: A study of the hidden teachings of the Apocalypse (the last book of the Bible). Chapter headings: Last Book of the Bible; Seven Incarnations; Endocrine System; Fiery Serpent & False Prophet; Regeneration; Sex Force; Fourth Dimension; Four Principle Glands; Radiation; Light of the World; Mother of the Universe; Solaricalism.

Part 2: A summary of the Hidden Teachings of the Apocalypse by chapter and verse - from the original Greek, with an interpretation of the symbols and parables, based on the Lost Wisdom of the Ancient Masters. Illustrates the Vital Battery, Kundalini Force. Prof. Hotema, in his prologue to "Awaken The World Within" states: "the student is advised that this work is a printed, revised, improved version of Son of Perfection."

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