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The Cotton Courses of W.D. Gann - Cotton is King

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The complete Cotton Courses including the 1948 and 1949 Annual Forecasts for Cotton.  The Largest Chart set ever included, allowing in-depth study.  176 pages as of now.  Two of the courses within were included with the earlier courses from Lambert Gann, but the bulk of this course is unpublished. 

What you will get  is 70 charts delivered instantly so you can be the first to study this rare material.  W.D. Gann traded Cotton until the end of his life and did some of his most in-depth studies on it.

Some of the charts you will get:

Cotton 8th year cycles, Cotton high/low dates, Cotton comparison for the 1948 forecast, NY spot Cotton prices, plus many of every contract of cotton.

Some of these courses describe his use of his own overlays-so we are including a set of 3-4 overlays with your course!  These have been perfectly replicated from his own set.

Coffee course owners get a special price as with all new material. Email for details.

Table of Contents:



1-22Mechanical Cotton Method and New Trend Indicator 21 pages- Nov 4, 1946

23-36 Cotton Forecasting Method 14 pages.  Nov 14 1946

 37-79 Cotton Forecasting Course “Basis of my Forecasting Method”. 43 pages Feb 20 1950 black course

 80-93 Time Periods for Cotton For March 8, 1951 Extreme High Prices

 94-98 Position of December and March Cotton for Monday, Nov 10-1952

 99-119 Master sq of 144 for determining the time trend on cotton November 17 1952

120-Outlook for Cotton for Week Beginning Nov 24. Nov 21, 1952

121-122 Info on the master 144 square Nov 21,1952

123 March Cotton Monthly High and Low. Dec 27, 1952

124 Outlook for the cotton Market for the week beginning Feb 5, 1953. Dec31 52

125-126 March 8 1951 Cotton Future Prices Highest on Record. Dec 31, 1952

127-128. Master Square of 12 charts for Cotton and Eggs. Jan 31, 1953

129-130 Cotton Prices Low in January or February.  Feb. 27, 1953

131 Cotton Outlook for the week ending may 2nd.  April 24, 1953

132 Cotton Grains Eggs update 1 page June 19, 1953

133 Master Calculator for Cotton.  July 17, 1953


Supply and Demand letters pages 132-176

            Announcement page to 48 forecast

1948 Annual Cotton Forecast

July Supp to the 1948 Annual Cotton Forecast

November supplement to the 1948 sup

August  1948. 

*(Letter to Ed from WD)

1949 Annual Cotton Forecast

May supp to 1949. Green

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