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W.D. Gann Technical Review

W.D. Gann Technical Review

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The W.D. Gann Technical Review

"In 1976  I purchased the Lambert-Gann Publishing Company from Ed Lambert in Miami, Florida.  The company originated in 1950 when W.D. Gann took Lambert in as a partner.
After Mr. Gann's death in 1955, Lambert continued with the business up until I purchased it.
Along with the publishing company and the Gann Copyrights, I also purchased all of W.D. Gann's personal research.  This included all of his charts, papers, books and writings that he had collected through his fifty years of trading and research.
A wealth of information is contained in each of Gann's charts and the entire collection numbers into the thousands...
I have been trying to decide upon a way to get the rest of Gann's work out into the public.
With this in mind, and in the interest of technical analysis, I have decided to start a newsletter based on the methods, systems and techniques of W.D. Gann.
The W.D. Gann Technical Review will be the official title of the publication."

from Vol. 1 No. 1  dated January 21, 1982

This volume contains five years of the monthly newsletter which originally sold for $200 per year. 

This is a must buy for fans of W.D. Gann.  Inside the over 250 pages, you will find many prints of Gann's original charts.  

You will also find information about everything to do with W.D. Gann.  His life, his methods, and his legacy are within this manual.  You will also find many new trails to follow on your quest of learning-such as recommended readings and simlified Gann methodology

It is the best modern textbook for anyone studying Gann's work.


303 pages

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