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W.D.Gann's Unpublished Coffee Course Package - Limited Printing

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This is unpublished material from W.D. Gann - released from the archives in 2018.


Update #1 - This will contain unreleased Coffee material! June 27, 2018.

Update #2 - September 22, 2018.  Course contents will include 2 unpublished Coffee courses by W.D. Gann from the 1950's (written in the last 3 years of his life), W.D.'s trading charts from these courses and huge runs, the coffee section from Gann's unpublished 1954 Commodity Review, unseen hand-written notes, lost data for you to improve your forecasting ability, and current research on the Coffee market that include rules and tools to trade and forecast the coffee market!

Update #3 - March 31, 2019.  Introducing our guest author - Andrew Pancholi.  The courses are printing now, and will ship very soon.  Read more about Andrew's contribution to the course here.

It will contain unpublished courses, the charts going along with these courses, plus a few extra goodies inside.

This product will not ship until December 21, 2018 or 50 are sold, whichever comes first.  Only 100 copies of this will ever be published.

Details, photos, and more information will be forthcoming as the course comes to life!  Watch here for updates.

This is the only place you will get unpublished material by W.D.Gann.

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