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Wheat and Corn Master Cycles(limited edition)

Wheat and Corn Master Cycles(limited edition)

$ 500.00
Wheat and Corn Master Cycles

This is a print of a chart hand drawn by W.D.Gann.

Only twenty prints of this chart will be made.

It is an exact replica in size of the original work, keeping the eight squares to the inch ratio intact.

Prints are on a high quality cellulose paper that will last 75 years without fading if handled with consideration.

This numbered print comes with a certificate of authenticity from Lambert -Gann Publishing Company and is 17x17 inches.

These two charts were glued together by W.D. Gann, so that is how they have been printed for you.  Do you know why he would have glued these together?

Please note that the watermark is only on the website to protect the images, it is not on the chart you will receive.

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