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December Cotton -- Ephemeris Package 1

$ 347.00
This is the first package we are releasing relating directly to W.D. Gann's Private Ephemeris.  

Cotton is mentioned numerous times in the Ephemeris, and the dates involved line up with the December contract. Cotton is also covered very well in the Commodity Course, How to Make Profits in Commodities, and The Tunnel Thru the Air.  

This package comes with two weekly December Cotton charts having overlapping data.  One of the weekly charts was in a binder, and the other was one of the hundreds of loose charts.  This particular one was a rolled up chart- you can see a picture of the original to the left.  It is a well used chart, made up of many pieces of chart paper.  It's very exciting to see two different ways that Gann was forecasting the same time period, and it's also very rewarding to preserve and share this chart with you.

Along with both full size, color prints of the two weekly December Cotton Charts, you will also receive a full color yearly chart of December Cotton-Life of Delivery as an added bonus.  This yearly chart contains data beginning in the late 1800's!  This may help with some of your longer term cycle work...

Another added chart you will be getting is one of the mini black and white charts from our Commodity Course.  It contains December Cotton data from the 1920's through the 1950's.  This will give you the bigger picture while studying the weekly charts.

What you will receive:
  1. December Cotton Weekly - May 1947 through August 1949   16"x22"
  2. December Cotton Weekly - January 1945 through December 1948   22"x21"
  3. A smaller black and white December Cotton Monthly chart - 1926-1954   11"x17"
  4. A Bonus December Cotton Yearly -Life of Delivery- 1895-1949  16"x10"
These charts show the basis for the recent highs in cotton, some 60 years ago. 

*An Exclusive for Ephemeris Owners*
Owners of W.D. Gann's Private Ephemeris will also receive an exclusive extra chart with this package.
All Ephemeris owners also benefit from special pricing for this and all future Ephemeris Chart Packages.
Call or write us for details, or if you would like to join this exclusive club. 

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