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DJIA Through 1929 - Limited Edition

DJIA Through 1929 - Limited Edition

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This is a fantastic chart in terms of history, study, and rarity.
See 1929 through the eyes of W.D. Gann - This weekly chart with data from January of 1928 to October of 1930 contains Gann's staple tools- Angles and Counts.  It also contains a strange hashed horizontal line - a rarity on Gann's charts.

How does one profit through such a trading frenzy?  This chart may help you gain an edge when it happens again...

Only 50 copies of this chart will ever be produced. Earlier orders get early numbers.

All reproductions are perfect in scale and are printed on high quality acid free paper.  They are meant to last well over 100 years if kept out of moisture and direct sunlight.

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