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W.D. Gann's Astrological Course-2025

W.D. Gann's Astrological Course-2025

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June 6, 2024-This is the most sought-after unpublished work in our W.D. Gann archives. 

The Astrological work of W.D. Gann.

Finally you will be able to verify that W.D. Gann did use Astrological calculations to forecast the stock and commodity market. 

W.D. Gann wrote the bulk of these astrological courses in 1952-1953, some of his last- greatest discoveries!  While he veiled some of his astrological work in his other books, these courses tell you exactly how he used astrological indications.  These courses were typed by W.D. Gann but never published before his death in 1955.  You will not find this anywhere but here.

The Astrological Courses of W.D. Gann will ship in January of 2025.

If you own W.D. Gann's Coffee course, and purchase the Astrological Course, you will be given early pieces, 1-3 pages each time,  of the course digitally on July 1, 2024, September 1, 2024, and November 1, 2024.  These early digital pieces will be heavily watermarked with your name to prevent any information from being leaked or shared.

Email me here at cody@wdgann.com if you own the Coffee Course and need the Astro course discount code.

What does the Astro Course contain?

  • Things to do to get Astrological indication on Cotton, Grains and other Commodities.
  • Time Periods by the Planet (XX) for Cotton
  • The Transit of Geocentric (XX) through the sign (XX)
  • (XX) Helio-Centric Longitude for Cotton
  • Cotton Cycles
  • Average Longitude of the eight planets and the Earth
  • Important Degrees in the Signs
  • Helio-Centric (XX) Time Periods and Angles on Master Square of 144
  • Table of Years Ruled by the Planets
  • Forecast of the Weather for the 20th Century
  • Astrological Aspects of Eggs
  • and much more...

This course will make all of the other courses come together, and the Cotton course is a great addition to the Astrological Course.

A digital chart set will accompany this physical book.  There are 10-20 charts chosen as of now to go along with it.

By purchasing this item you are agreeing with Lambert-Gann's  Non Disclosure Contract.

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